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News and Special Events

Get the latest news about what is happening at Iron Sailor Tattoo. Learn about upcoming sales and other discounts throughout the year.


Whether it's your first tattoo or piercing or you are a repeat customer, we are happy to create something great for you.


Visit our Facebook page for more on special events.

Tattoos for special events

Invite Iron Sailor Tattoo to your next special event. We've appeared at the Carnival of Ink and other celebrations.


Also bring your group to our shop for birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor / bachelorette parties, and other festivities.


Benefit from over 40 years of combined experience in tattoos.


Visit us until 10 p.m. Monday - Saturday.

Tattoo discounts

 •  Friday the 13th

 •  Black Friday

 •  Columbus Day

 •  Labor Day

 •  More

"Best tattoo shop at the lake. Wouldn't go anywhere else."

- Nick F. via Facebook

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