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By guest, Nov 24 2015 09:29AM

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Sep 25 2016 02:41PM by Roy Joseph Hill

This site looks legit but poorly managed. I am one Of the artists at iron sailor tattoo And on my section where it shows my tattoos i have done it hasn't been updated and I only have like 5 pictures how in the world will I ever sell tattoos. It's okay though because I'm smart enough to gather my own website With my own personal My tattoos You guys really need to get it together Unless you need me to handle the website If you want to see mine www.hillardskillard

Jul 23 2017 12:16AM by Jamie Cox

I paid 200 for a tattoo that's mediocre at best! I did not receive what I'd asked for. That tat I asked for should've looked like the one on the right. What I got is the two pics to the left. There was much detail left out and much that was blacked out, ribcage squared, leaves missing, skin showing, branches that are not proportionate and well as the legs on adult skeleton, leaves that were missed and more. There is no viable excuse for the mistakes as he did not draw it up, but photo copied it and traced it. When blasted on FB the owners defense was the detail could not be done and that it would fade and blend. Then he harassed me through messenger on FB. When I responded with my issues and told him not to contact me again unless a solution was provided or I would contact my attorney... His response was "Best wishes"!!! Obviously the artist has yet to acquire either the skill, patients or both for such a silhouette. The artist should have informed me that he would not be able to provide the details in the design, though he did not. My tattoo is incomplete and all though some things can be fixed, there are things that cannot and are now a permanent part or my being for the rest of my life!!! I recommend this place to no one due to the demeanor and unprofessional response and handling of this situation by the owner!

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